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The Dharma Room

Transformation Hatha Yoga

A special space for yoga and meditation

What is it?

Transformation Hatha Yoga is the use of relaxed and gentle movement of the body in co-ordination with slow conscious breathing. This yoga gives equal importance to body, mind and spirit and encourages each individual to work according to their own needs at the time, so helping them to better know themselves and work harmoniously with their natural energies.

How can it help?

Transformation Hatha Yoga can bring us so many benefits: improved posture, concentration, stamina and clarity of mind, strength and flexibility of body and of mind, improved self-perception and acceptance as well as relief from many aches and pains. Through the use of gentle and conscious movement of the body in harmony with the breath we promote the release of accumulated toxins and tensions as well as mental blocks. At the same time we re-establish our body's natural posture and alignment whilst attuning ourselves to what is the right effort for us at any given moment.
In helping ourselves to slow down body and mind with acceptance and love we are building the honour and respect that we have for ourselves. In so doing we increase our spiritual connection. It is an important part of our spiritual journey towards wholeness, encouraging better attunement and understanding of the unity or interdependence of mind, body and spirit. Transformational Hatha Yoga encourages and promotes all-round health, happiness and well-being.


What happens?

A Transformation Hatha Yoga session lasts approximately an hour and a quarter and is adapted to the needs and level of the student. During the session a series of postures, relaxation and breathing exercises are demonstrated and practised. Sessions can be one-to-one or in small groups and specific problems can always be discussed with the teacher so that alternatives and variations can be offered. It is suitable for everyone, from those who have never practised any yoga before, right through to experienced practitioners and teachers. Students are encouraged at all times to go at their own pace, to do what feels right for them as unique and special individuals and to ask questions and take notes as they need to.