Pure Meditation

Pure Meditation

We need Pure Meditation now more than ever. It is time for this practical and accessible, but in-depth meditation, to give us the self-knowledge and wisdom to live life peacefully, with understanding and with joy.

The Pure Meditation course is for all those who would like to learn how to safely practise in-depth meditation whilst living fully. This complete meditation practice is for everyday life and is truly all-encompassing. Yes, it is rooted in the ancient teachings of the great yogis of the East and it includes the highest forms of yoga (Raja and Kriya) but it is also very, very practical for NOW.

The course looks at many areas of life from a spiritual perspective (habits, food, sex to name but a few) and also at how to look after our energies when we are going about our daily lives. The teachings include essential energy care techniques, unique to the Pure Mediation course, so that you can stay balanced at all times.

It is a truly beautiful gift to all who practise and it helps us progress towards self-realization in this lifetime.

You do not need to be a meditator already to take this course…you just need to be ready to move forward, to look at yourself and to look after yourself.

5/6 day residential over 1 week or 2 weekends.
Now also available ONLINE due to current circumstances, please enquire.

Pure Meditation is taught wordwide but we are blessed to be the ONLY centre in France currently offering this course.

Please contact Jacqueline on or edgar.jacqueline@gmail.com to find out more, your questions are welcome. (See also Meditation evenings.)