Holistic energy care
Where are we?
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What is it?

Natural Spiritual Healing is rooted in the ancient and eternal art of healing, using the universal energy of the source of life, that same energy which has been used by healers for thousands of years.

The healer is meticulously and professionally trained to make this healing energy available to the patient whose being* will use the energy for healing at whatever level is appropriate at that time.

As the practitioner does not interfere with the process by diagnosis, the energy is free to go as deep as is necessary and can heal imbalances that even the patient is not fully aware of.

* 'being' refers to the whole of a person, including the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well as the physical body

How can it help?

The key with healing is that it rebalances us on every level and there really are no limits to what it can do or the depth to which it can go. Any condition can be helped with healing but it can be in itself a wonderfully relaxing treatment and a very positive step to take in your life whether or not you have specific concerns.

It is absolutely natural and non-interventional (the healer uses only gentle touch or no touch at all) and completely safe. As it is working with the universal energy of life any reactions to healing are ultimately positive. Many people feel a great sense of peace and love during or after healing as well as the longer term benefits. It can help not only with symptoms of any sort but also with underlying causes, as well as our ability to cope with life and to follow our true path.


What happens?

The healing session itself involves a consultation of up to one hour (shorter after the first session) which will include an explanation of the process and plenty of opportunity for any questions. The healer will also learn more about the lifestyle of the individual and any particular problems and then give, if necessary, breaths or other practical tools to enhance the patient's daily life.

In this way the patient is encouraged to continue the healing process by working in positive ways on his or her balance in all aspects of life. For the healing itself the patient is asked to remove shoes and jewellery and then usually to lie on a treatment couch and later sit on a stool to receive the healing. The healer will be available to help or answer questions even between healing sessions.