Holistic energy care
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Holistic Energy Care


Do you look after your energies ?

If you sometimes feel

irritable or unable to deal calmly with situations in life
scattered or uncentred
that you are over-stretched, overwhelmed or 'on the run'


...then the chances are that you are NOT caring for your energies as well as you could.

Particularly if we are giving to or caring for other people in life, or working with people a lot (such as teaching, parenting, serving the public or working in healthcare) it is extremely important that we understand how energy works and how we can best care for our own energy - what we do with it, how we conserve it, how we maximise it and so on - if we are to function effectively.

We are not in a position to help anyone if our own energies are compromised. It is therefore in everyone's best interests that we know and understand good Holistic Energy Care.


The Course

The Holistic Energy Care course is a two-day or four half-day course which looks at practical ways in which we can manage ourselves and our lives to deal with stress and avoid energy burn out. Exercises are given which can be used to great effect wherever and whenever we need them in our daily life.

By working with our energies we will look at the balance within ourselves. This will enhance our creativity and make us more effective, efficient and productive in all areas of our lives. The course is given in small groups so that individual needs can be met and specific energy problems or questions can be dealt with on a one-to-one basis as well as within the group.

Please enquire about the next course dates (usually two consecutive Saturdays but many options are possible) and prices by calling Yogananda Association : 05 59 06 47 33