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Progressive Coaching (or Counselling)


What is it?

Progressive Coaching is a therapy which aims to empower a person to make those choices and decisions that are right for them at a given time. It differs from some other forms of counselling and coaching in that it works holistically. This means, when looking at our lives, it takes into account not only the rational/reasonable aspect of the mind but also the intuitive, spiritual element which inwardly feels and knows the right way for ourselves. The person is helped to strengthen their connection with this inner knowing and come to understand themselves and others better, so enabling them to find their own answers in a positive and empowered way.


How can it help us?

This form of coaching can help anyone in any area of their life, from relationships, family, bereavement or loss, to health, business and any other life situation. It is also of great benefit for personal development generally. It helps us to identify, and let go of, tension and pressures in life, looking at habits, conditioning and expectations of ourselves and others. It enables a person to see more clearly where they are now and to unravel any knots or blocks in the mind, body or spirit which are getting in the way of their creating their own best experience of life. By coming to understand and accept the deeper meaning within a situation we can use it positively as a means of personal progress.


What happens?

An initial appointment can last anything up to 1¼-1½ hours. If follow-up appointments are advised then these generally take less time but it is always the individual and unique needs of the person that dictate the length and nature of the session each time. The person is able to work through things in a supportive and non-judgemental environment at the time and pace that is right for them - it is the client who chooses when to look at certain issues. The therapist is there to help the person towards a deeper understanding of situations and, when appropriate, to suggest practical strategies which can help in daily life. However, as a professional therapist, they will never make decisions for the person nor push further than is necessary at the time. The progress of the individual depends greatly on how they apply their deeper understanding in their daily life.